February Work Month

Gepubliceerd op 20 februari 2017 om 14:37

Another long period of silence since my last chunk of news, this month has been really busy so far. I started working on two projects with two different choreographers, one still untitled by Gerleen Balstra and the other Playstation by Art Srisayam. Also I decided to join in FAWM (Fabruary Album Writing Month), where you are challenged to write at least 14 songs within the month of February. I am glad to announce that I achieved that goal and that I am still writing, so a new album will be coming soon!

On top of that I did my first live gig in a long time for Music Movement Sessions in Amsterdam. I did an improvisation jam of material I gathered throughout the day. A very inspiring process and also a pretty cool result. The track underneath (also submitted for FAWM of course) is a little chunck of the music I made on that day.

Thanks for tuning in and you will hear from me soon!

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