February Work Month

20 feb 2017 14:37


Another long period of silence since my last chunk of news, this month has been really busy so far. I started working on two projects with two different choreographers, one still untitled by Gerleen Balstra and the other Playstation by Art Srisayam. Also I decided to join in FAWM (Fabruary Album Writing Month), where you are challenged to write at least 14 songs within the month of February. I am glad to announce that I achieved that goal and that I am still writing, so a new album will be coming soon!

On top of that I did my first live gig in a long time for Music Movement Sessions in Amsterdam. I did an improvisation jam of material I gathered throughout the day. A very inspiring process and also a pretty cool result. The track underneath (also submitted for FAWM of course) is a little chunck of the music I made on that day.

Thanks for tuning in and you will hear from me soon!

Fresh Beats

18 jan 2017 08:07


After a long time of silence, a trip to America and moving houses I am back with some new music for all of you to enjoy! Let me start off by saying happy new year to y'all (that's you all in Texas). Hope all your wishes may come true in the coming year. On my way back from America I started working on the first track to come out of my new studio called 10.000. A combination of voice and a light inspiration by the future-bass style mashed with my own house style blended up. I hope you enjoy, put quite some jetlag time into this track and I'm quite proud of it!

Distant lights is song I put together in a little flash of inspiration. It might not be the most complex of songs but it does set a pretty strong ambience. Wasn't 100% sure if I wanted to sare it with you all since it comes out of my personal experimental bubble but I hope you enjoy it :).

Never Give Up EP

17 nov 2016 22:48


Today I gave myself the challenge of writing three pieces of music. I started by making 3 sketches giving myself 15 minutes for each one. Next up I elaborated on the arrangements taking 1 to 2 hours per track and eventually mixing and mastering all of them within 30 minutes per track. The result is this EP, created entirely on this stormy thursday.


The title Never Give Up is inspired by the learning process I had. The past few weeks I have been losing my focus very quickly whilst composing. Today I learned that just because the first idea that you come up with isn't the most exciting it doesn't mean it can't grow into something beautiful. Never Give Up was the track with the least potential after the 15 minute sketch time but it eventually turned out to be my favourite song off the EP. :) Thanks for listening!

(P.S. You can download this EP for free off my Bandcamp.)


20 okt 2016 11:48

Sometimes I wonder if my live is even worthwile if it is actually insignificant compared to the people that are in power. I am just part of their system and their rules. Somehow everything has become about money, earning it, spending it and living by it. Money has become the heart of western society. What happened to love? What happened to equality? It makes me feel sad to think about it all, but sometimes my mind just drifts off to these subjects...

Kalinushka is a Russian folk song about sailors fantasizing of their return during the spring. It describes soft white feathered snow bushes blooming upon steep cliffs. Will they come home to their loved ones or will they meet their makers? A question that remains unsanswered in this hymn.

New Track, The Warrior

12 okt 2016 16:09


It has been awfully quiet the past few days, I just started working my new day/night job delivering food all around Amsterdam riding about 70 kilometers a day through the most beautiful city in the world. I haven't been slacking though, I just finished mixing this track from my upcoming album (date still to be announced). It is called Warrior, a translation of my fathers name Gert. 

It is a song about strenght, determination, focus and love. Of the many things my dad thought me, working hard to achieve your goals is one of the most valuable lessons. After years of lazyness I have finally gotten to a point where I feel like I am working as hard as I can to make my dreams come true. I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

New EP release on the first of November

8 okt 2016 15:41


I just passed the 100 followers mark on Soundcloud! And I am glad to announce that there will be a new EP coming soon! It will be a collection of collaborations with Thomas Walschot and Mats van Rossum. Also I added a new video to my theatre music portfolio, Within a Word by Heidi Vierthaler. 

For everyone reading this and surfing on my site, thanks for being interested in what I create. An artist is nothing without an audience, it doesn't matter if it consists of just one person or millions. As long as there is someone who can relate to the creations there is a purpose for the artist to create. Don't forget to spread the love and inspire the people around you, a little bit of love can go a long way!

For now there is not much else to say then thanks for supporting my art and I hope you enjoy the first track of the new EP, Echoes.