When I finished up my first album Analog I was looking for new media to express myself in. I felt like I needed to be able to combine my two main disciplines, dance and music. I started making short films and used my tracks as soundtrack. The dance is improvised on locations throughout Amsterdam. There is still a lot to learn and I would love to collaborate, please get in touch if you are a filmmaker or performer. For now I hope you enjoy the footage!


Recorded underneath a bridge where a lot of homeless people come to sleep. It is a lonely place with nothing but a highway running over it. As soon as I found the location I felt like it resonated with Fade, the noise, depth and greyness complimented the track.

I wrote Fade when I felt like every day was gonna be my last. Life felt like a haze and all I wanted was to be able to know if tomorrow would be better, or whether I would fade into the grey. I feel very vunerable sharing this song, with vocals performed by myself. Hopefully it has as much meaning to you as it has to me.


In the east side of Amsterdam there is an old, station that isn't used anymore, all that remains is one track following the length of the platform and an old decaying wagon. There are trees that form a gate on the station. It feels like a place with a lot of history, people used to come going to destenations all over the Netherlands.  The video is a reflection on my personal journey into enlightenment.

Apollo the god of music, medicine and poetry also called "The Dancer". The horns in this song remind me of the sun and thereby the god of the sun Apollo.


Flevopark is almost like a small city forest, it has a massive diversity of different species of trees. This specific tree is my favourite, it has incredible colours in the fall and spring. There is just something eternal to this tree. The roots grow deep and wide and the trunk is just massive. Beauty and strenght is what I see in this tree. 

Next to a big pond in a field of grass, caught in the cycle of the elements this Tree stands vast as if it could stand there forever.


Iep originally was a piece of music I composed for a piece by Heidi Vierthaler. I edited the footage of the performance of this piece to a remix I did of this soundscape. The sound is very rich and driven, it features samples from vocals, piano, percussion instruments and of course the Doepfer A-100 modular synthesizer.

Performed by Urban Contemporary 3 of the year 2015 - 2016 in Dansmakers in Amsterdam.