Tom is an all round artist from Amsterdam, born and raised in Naarden, a little town just a stone throw away from where he lives now. From a young age he took an interest in art, science, theatre and technology. His inspiration for visuals and soundtracks came from artists like Daniel Dociu, Christophe Heral, Michel Ancel and Jeremy Soule. Tom started acting early at a local theatre group founded by Sue Chaloner that eventualy wound up playing "West Side Story" which became a turning point in his life. He discovered a deep passion for dance and joined a semi-professional course in Amsterdam.

Here he was thought by teachers like Percy Kruythoff, Rahanna Oemed, Anne Suurendonk, Lucien Denny, John Agesilas and many others. This intense training forced him to move up another level and join the Urban- Contemporary dance departement at the Amsterdam Higher School of Performing Arts. Schooled and tutored by artists like Gerleen Balstra, Eddi de Bie, Agnieta den Hartog, Anil van der Zee and Heidi Vierthaler he developed his own style of movement acompanied with pre-existing techniques.

A turning point came when Tom discovered the art of improvisation (or live choreography as he likes to call it) when he joined a five week summer course founded by Katie Duck and Alfredo Genovesi. Here he was able to apply his techniques, further develop his style and get a deeper understanding of space, time and sound within composition. A big part of his artistic vision was shaped within these five weeks and he is still working with Ms. Duck to this day.

Soon after he started making music with his friends, Thomas Walschot and Mats van Rossum. He found another passion and soon enough he was creating songs and soundscapes used in his own piece. It was a profound experience to not only be able to express in movement but also in sound, it went from hobby to addiction to passion to craze to profession almost within the blink of an eye. Apart from his own, commercial, work (that is also to be found on this website) he made soundscapes for pieces like Within a Word, Iep, As if I Was as if We Were and HATO Droog by Heidi Vierthaler and Need Someone's Hand by Gerleen Balstra and Lullaby for Melanie Chrissy Bos. 

Tom's repetoire started piling up with no public releases... During the creation of Need Someone's Hand a good friend David Krooshof offered to borrow his modular synthesizer to him. It offered a chance to work with more then just a laptop for the following six months but also a great learning process of understanding the sonology behind the sound. He used sounds from the Doepfer analog system not only for his experiments but also crafted an album out of it called Analog.

Photos By: Sanne Wevers